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4 Day Holiday and Lost 5kgs

Hi, so for the past 3 weeks i’ve been doing smolov Jr. for my bench and i started the base mesocycle for my squats. Near the end of the 3 weeks, i had 2 sessions to go but i had to go down south with my friend (she came from america and i haven’t seen her for years so we went down for some drinks etc…) i ended up getting really drunk and within the 4 days i probably only ate 1 days worth of food. So when i weighed myself i was 116 KGs, after the little 4 day holiday i weighed in at 111.6 KGs.

My question is, should i continue with the program from where im at? im suppose to be doing 1RM tests tomorrow and the day after (Squat, then Bench the next day), then after the 1RMs im moving onto the transition phase for the Full 13 week Smolov program, which is Negative Squats, Power Cleans & Box Squats for 2 weeks. As for my Jr. Smolov, im pretty much finished my first cycle.

SO, i’ve lost 5kgs in weight from this holiday and im thinking i just wasted 3 weeks of solid training (i was pretty much training every day for 3 weeks; benching or squatting). The werid thing is, today when i walked into the gym, i actually pulled a PB in my OHP. Which was crazy because i’ve lost so much weight? maybe i’ve kept some strength along with me which is what im hoping.

What are your thoughts? start over? or stay on track.

Thanks in advance!

(edit), i posted this in the wrong section, should of been in powerlifting xD