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4 Consecutive Day Workout Plan


can only work out on monday-thursday, after that only have access to pullup bar, sled, 40lb dumbbell.

it's in a style of lower/upper/lower/upper

Heavy Squat x3 or less
Lighter Squat 3x10

DB/BB chest press 3x10
Chest fly stretch

Clean 5x3 or Deadlift 2x5

Incline BP 3x10 or Overhead Press 3x10

I'm looking at this and it looks very empty. Suggestions please.


Could you not use the sled, pull up bar and 40lb dumbbell to do something for the rest of the week?


Do you only have like 20 minutes to workout a day?

What do you expect to accomplish with these workouts?


I'd personally set it up like:

MON: Squat, RDL, Sled Work
TUE: Bench, BB Row, Barbell Torque (core work)
THU: Deadlift or Clean, Reverse Lunge, Sled Work
FRI: Military or Incline Press, Pull-up, Hanging Leg Raise (core work)


I work out Mon-Thurs and Saturday and it's been working for me. What you could maybe do is..

Mon - Legs
Tuesday - Chest + Tris
Wednesday - Back and Bis
Thursday - Shoulders + traps

try it.


Do a fucking load of pull-ups. I mean, all you have is pull-ups and one 40lb dumbell.. Shit, even if you have two, I was well beyond using that kind of weight even when I was JUST starting out.

I guess, really, you could do weighted pistols, one-handed push-ups, and, as I have already mentioned a fucking load of pull-ups.

Oh, and find a better arrangement.


How do you plan to do a heavy squat with a 40lb dumbbell excactly?


IDK i guess I'm fumbling my way trying new things with the schedule. When I used to train pl style, never did more than 5 sets or 5 reps, but had a days of rest in between.

Still getting sore from doing these sad workouts though. Work capacity decreased.


Dude, how about telling us more about how you ended up in this lame, lame situation? Is there REALLY no way to at least get an adjustable DB? If you had a couple of those, at least you could get some growth outta them..


Oh, and.. WTH? Never did more than "5 sets" OR "5 reps"? How does that work out? And you had "days of rest" between each workout? There's PL training, and then there's just laziness. Sorry, but you seem like the latter.


Meaning 5x5? 3x3? singles and triples? lol

Meant a 'days' worth of rest.

Yea, kind of lazy now but will be better after sore throat clears.