? 4 Chris or JB on Growth Surge Project

I just have a simple ? to be answered. I am in phase two of the growth surge project. Just wondering if I should keep the same more than massive amounts of K/cals on the two days I dont do the two a days and the reasoning behind this. I was just thinking if I do keep the same it might lead to excessive fat gain compared to LBM. Other than that going great, except I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck.

I should have added, or a reply from any T-Men/Vixens educated on the subject.

If you are using mag-10 you are prob gonna be ok with the excess cals. If not than i would not use the extra 1000 cals. The calorie formula incorporates exercise calories. So just use one workout worth of calories, but keep in mind it will prob be a longer workout than a each split ( usually ). So just use the formula to figure things out and remember to recalculate every week or two to adjust cals accordingly. SHould all be in the Growth Surge articles.

I am using the mag 10. My issue is that by following the plan you not only follow the massive eating but also add an additional 15% on that and was wondering if this excess was wanted or needed on the two days off from workouts. It isnt touched upon in the article as far as I noticed unless I missed something. The only reasoning I can think of behind keeping the cals at this extreme level on off days might be for recovery. Not sure about that though, it may have been an over sight or something. I am just trying to avoid any unneeded BF vs. LBM gains.

I believe the program is structured such that the calories you need to grow are the excess calories consumed on the days off.

I remember in the ME article that your excess calories occured on your days off, with your workout days coming out about even. I think the idea is similar in GSP but with added kcals to make up for the increase in training frequency and the fact that you are on taking a prohormone.

So I would say eat, grow and don’t worry about the fat.