4 board PR! w00t!

Well, I’ve been working on the lockout recently, and doing these 4 board presses seem to really work. I never really did them before, but I like how my body gets used to holding the much heavier weight than I normally would do…

I ended up doing 315 for 5 easy reps, 335 for 5 and 355 for 2 which were actually fairly easy.

I hope doing these translate to a higher bench though!

Nice job. It should definitely help your bench.

how much do you bench??

eh, not much, although I’ve only benched raw so far…

I’m kinda on a budget, so a shirt is out for the time being.

Anyway, my best 1RM is 300 on flat.

If you have a 355x2 4 board press and you only have a 300 raw bench press i have only one thing to say to you my friend “SPEED”…big martin

hey do me a favor next week when you do max effort bench do 1 board press and let me know what you get>>>>

I’ll do that for ya Big Martin :slight_smile:

I know my speed really sucks…I’ve been really working on it. But I think I made the typical common mistake of going heavier than I needed to. Doing like 175ish, which, really doesn’t feel heavy, but I think IS too heavy.

This week I’ve started doing my speed benches with only 155…see how that works out for me.

Do you have mini bands???

Nope. Are they a worth while purchase?
Typically I stay with straight weight, or use chains (my gym happens to have chains…)

mini bands are by far the best way to increase bar speed and your bench press poundage…big martin

Well then, I guess I’d better make an investment.

Thanks for the tip.

Well, I don’t have a single board unfortunately… :frowning:

BUT - I did have access to two boards and tried that today on my ME day…

Anyway, I did 275 for 5 easy enough, 295 (failed), then tried 295 again and got it for 3 (the 3rd was really hard).

So, from the 4 board to the 2 board I’m losing about 60lbs…

So you think working with the mini bands will help me gain from lower?


Big Martin, you around? W

I had another question as well:

What is the purpose of a 1 board press as well? I understand the 2, 4, 5, etc…not sure about the one…


yea the mini bands for speed work in the 40% range is what you need…also alternate between 1-2-3-4 board presses and declines to bring up the tricep transfer problem you have it wont take long to bring up and a big pr will hapeen when you transfer to the triceps with speed…a 1 board press is just a way to overload the bottom portion of the press and help you learn to transfer the triceps at each press position…your #'s showed me your weak points low-middle range and speed…but you have to continue to train the lock out with high board presses and 4-5 inch pin presses also…work on everything but add in these 1-2 board presses for at least 2 max effort weeks a month and add in declines for the 3rd week and then on week 4 overload the lockout with 4 boards …big martin

Thanks B.M.

I appreciate your help.

I’ll get to work!