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4 Big Questions


I've got 4 big questions. Any sound information would be appreciated. Here goes:

  1. When coming off cycle who has had what success using what method?
    I am referring to tapering off a cycle.
    WK 1-8: Deca/Test 200mg a wk.
    Begin tapering off cycle
    WK 9: 200mg enanthate
    WK 10: 100mg enanthate
    WK 11: 100mg enanthate
    WK 12: 50mg enanthate
    WK 13: 50mg enanthate
    WK6: Nothing.

This is one practise I have seen occur. When coming off cycle like this arimidex is used during cycle (usually 0.5mg EOD, and continued up to 2WK's into tapering off cycle) to keep estrogen levels low. (Which will inhibit gains yeah?!?)


Same cycle of WK 1-8 Deca/test 200mg a wk.

Have nolvadex on hand for gyno. Start PCT at wk 10 (enough time for levels of Deca/Test to drop adequately) Winny could be used during these 2wks due to minimal half life. Then Clomid for 10 days at beginning of WK 10, with nolvadex continuing for another 2 wks to control estrogen (As synthetic test drops and body begins to produce it's own, the high levels of free estrogen that have been blocked from causing effects by the nolvadex will naturally dissapate?!? OR will then stay in the body and effects will occur after novladex use stops??

  1. AFTER a cycle, does your bodies natural testosterone return to the same levels or just back in the normal range. What i'm asking is if you cyle on and off for 2 years on 10wk cycles, allowing for 12 wk's recovery in between will your natural test levels be as high as if you never cycled, or will be be lowered due to the fact that your testes have stopped producing test at several points in your life?

I'm asking because i've met a former bodybuilder who has practically no natural testosterone through abuse. Does your bodies ability to naturally produce test to it's former levels suffer due to cycling? Resulting in steroid use being an almost lifetime commitment.

  1. Being a young single man with aspirations to father childen at a later point in life, what obstables will I encounter if I use steroids? I am aware that abuse (Being constant on cycle) will usually result in infertility. But if I cycle twice a year with adequate rest intervals, should I have any problems? Any studies or previous experience would be great!

  2. Steroids and refrigeration. I've read they SHOULD be kept refrigerated, and be used within 3 months for maximum efficiency. However, I am considering a first cycle soon, and will have the dilemma of shared accomodation and subsequently shared fridge. This means I cannot refrigerate. If i'm taking test and deca with me, will they be ok if stored out of direct sunlight? I can't promise it'll be cool, but they'd be at room temp too.

With answers to these question I will have enough knowledge and experience to either start a first cyle OR steer away from steroids.
I appreciate your ideas, thoughts and experiences with my questions.




200mg of test, 200mg deca a week? Am I reading this right? If so it sounds like you got some homework to do bro. That little amount isn't going to give you shit for gains. 200 mg of test a week is going to completely shut down your natural test and that's about it.


I've seen people get results out of a first cycle using 200mg of test and deca.

What's your opinion then? And that WAS being used as an example. I'd rather some feedback on the questions I asked.


If Im reading this correct, then he is talking about 200 of deca and 200 of test each week the first 8 weeks? A total of 400mg's of androgens and their are guys here that think he wont see gains from this? Its all about what you EAT! Get the diet right(for your goals)+passion in the gym and 400mg a week will yield solid gains for a newbie. Since the dose is fairly low, I dont care for the taper at the end. Perhaps some hcg in the middle? Skip the anastrozole and have Nolvi on hand and I think your good to go. As far as shelf live of gear, room temp out of direct light and it will keep. I have yet to meet anyone that is sterile from gear....I think that covered all 4? Freak


You missed the one regarding test levels returning to 100% of their natural levels after cycle or whether they just reach the normal range again. Almost making steroids a lifetime commitment. At least until you get old and get HRT. Was really hoping someone had done pre and post cycle testosterone level tests and could give me advice. Even levels after multiple cycles.
Struggling to get HCG. Can POSSIBLY order it online and hope it gets through Australian customs. Know a good site?

Thanks regarding the fertility thing. There was a T article on a guy who cycled constantly for decades who had big dramas, but anyways.

I won't use the anastrozole since I won't taper and will use the clomid for 10 days 2 weeks after last injection and nolva use beginning for 2 wks after the clomid is discontinued.

Your info and advice is much appreciated.



First off I recomend you increase your doses by at least double. As I have said before, if you are going to supress your hpta, you might as well get some good gains out of it.
Also front load your Deca for the first 3 weeks, and your test for the first week.

that means 800 mg of deca for the first 3 weeks and 800 mg of test the first week, then 400 for the remaining weeks on cycle.

As for comming off cycle, you will have to taper your testosterone enanthate unless you want to be shut down hard, libido wise, by the nandrolone decanoate. The following protocol bellow will work just fine.

WK 1-8: Deca/Test 200mg a wk.
Begin tapering off cycle
WK 9: 200mg enanthate
WK 10: 100mg enanthate
WK 11: 100mg enanthate
WK 12: 50mg enanthate
WK 13: 50mg enanthate
WK6: Nothing.

You can use nandrolone phenylpropinate instead, which would eliminate the need for the long taper since it has such a short half life.

Use arimidex if you can get it, or femara. If you dose correctly, reduction of gains should not be a problem at all. Elevated estrogen causes increases in water and fat retention, those aren't gains.

Yes, the estrogen will slowly dissipate, but if you are using nolvadex and stop it too soon, there will be a rebound effect, that is why an aromatase inhibitor is a better plan

Your testosterone will return to normal levels, but It will never be as high as it was before your first cycle. Messing with HCG will only make the problem worse. The best thing is to start off with short acting compounds such as orals, and injectables with short chain esters, that clear the body quickly. Avoiding highly androgenic compounds such as test, tren, and deca, and sticking to the lesser androgenic compounds such as anavar, winstrol, primo, e.t.c. will also be better for your libido in the long run, as well as keeping those cycle short - i.e. 6 weeks, clearance included, as the max.

No you should not have any problems with fertility issues if you are taking rests. Example: Hulk Hogan, the man was on the juice for twenty years and has kids.

Store your gear in a dark place at room temperature and it will be fine.


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You mentioned forntloading. It's a term i've heard, but woukld you care to elaborate?
Thanks all round on your replies to date. This answers those final few queries I had.
All the best,