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4-ADEC or Mag-10 while cutting?

Hi guys I know this sounds like an expensive question but would either of these products in the subject help me while cutting? Will they at least prevent me from losing any muscle?
Or is this a waste of money?
Or is Methoxy-7 my best bet for muscle conservation and fat loss?

It would be expensive but 4adec is the better version of Androsol that Brock recommends for Fat Fast. Mag-10 has 4adec in it as well. Price wise 4ad is cheaper.

I used Mag-10 while on the steroid diet and I managed to keep my muscle mass and strength while on it and lost about 6 lbs in 2 weeks.

There is an article by CY Wilson “Steroid Diet” where he recommends Mag 10 for a low calorie diet to help retain muscle. I would think you could use the 4 -ADEC as well. It’s cheaper and you could use it for a longer period of time.

Did you use mag-10 at full dose?

Yes I took the full two doses for 2 weeks. I followed the Mag-10 plan for success, except instead of the Massive Eating diet I substituted the Steroid Diet. I had actually contacted Biotest’s customer service and they said that it was a great idea.

I think Cy mentioned mag-10 as a good supp for cutting because of the fact that the components can work together to increase a faster rate of cutting than you could achieve with the 4AD alone. His Steroid Dieting article will tell you why. I guess it depends on how fast you want to drop your weight.