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4-ad the hard way

I read on the forum a couple times that injectable 4-ad would be effective. Maybe I missed something, but I thought there wasn’t a good way to make something like that. I read on this sight that impact 250 is crap. Does anyone else have an opinion? Has anyone ever tried impact 250 “the hard way”?

The hard way? Like a suppository or something?

In my opinion, why inject the 4-AD if you can get blood levels as high as you want by topical administration, or if you could so so orally.

An injection of 4-AD, per se, would be problematic because if it is in solution, the half-life will be very short, and the duration of action would be very short. A suspension could overcome this but is beyond the technical capabilities of most.

There is a solution to all this, if one wants to inject even though other more convenient methods can give the same blood levels, but for the moment, I’m not talking :wink:

Thanks, Just curious…I’m definitly not going that route.