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4-AD Peak Values

I’ve seen the data on 4-AD delivered sublingually and orally without the ethyl-carbonate, but does anyone know what the curve for 4-AD and T levels looks like with a product like 4-AD-EC or the cyclodextrin product(s)?


Good question. I was thinking about this myself. I was going to start a thread about using 4AD-EC for “other” purposes like a pre-workout boost, libido boost or immune function boost about using IRREGULARLY, only when needed. If I’m not mistaken, “unprotected” 4AD peaks at 1.5 hours and is gone by 4 hours. I’m not sure how to time 4AD-EC though. Hopefully Bill Roberts can answer.

Yeah, exactly. I’m using it regularly, but I figured I might as well time it so peak values occur, say, during training times.

JB, does your data collerate with my figures above - 1.5 hr peak and 4 hr elimination?

I think 4AD-EC is a great product but underrated because it’s overshadowed by its big brother Mag-10. I’m hesitant to use 1-Test/A1E it mainly for fear of hairloss.

To me, 4AD-EC is as close to a perfect steroid as you can get due its positive side effcts and minimal negetive side effcts.

Yep, sounds about right. I just started with 4-AD, and I hope it’s all it claims. I’m using it for dieting purposes, so long-term use was a must. Hopefully Bill or someone else will see this.

If you go to the Biotest web page and read the advertisement for Mag-10, it states that 4-AD-EC has an active life of over 24 hours. Although it didn’t mention peak and drop off times. Also Mag-10 is not supposed to be able to convert to estrogen or dht.

If all goes well, I plan on trying out a Mag-10 cycle in about a month.

On a side note, I stopped into a GNC just to take a look at the Biotest products they had. When the salesman saw me checking out the Mag-10, he suggested another prohormone product that was “more powerful” then Mag-10. I doubted him, and glanced at the ingredients. I noticed it had 4-androsomething, and 5-androsomething. I didn’t pay attention to whether these were dions or dials.

I started trying to inform him about the ethylcarbonate ester, and how it is a protective component. He immediately told me that they give a free bottle of chemicals which cause the prohormones to survive digestion and the liver. I picked up the bottle, and was surprised to discover that alpha linolenic acid, conjugated linolenic acid, and gamma linolenic acid is better then an ethylcarbonate ester bonded prohormone. The person got rather upset when I started informing him he was incorrect. (Although the way I stated it probably gave him the impression that I thought he was a moron full of bullshit.) I walked out with a grin on my face.

Giving this a good BUMP!