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4-AD + Mag-10 Stack

I just dreamed this one up and would like some feedback. If it works it would fit in great with the 2 month program I’m working on so let me know what you think.

Week 1-4 : MyoStat,4-AD
5-6 : MyoStat,MAG-10
7-8 : MyoStat,Tribex-500,M

I’m counting on the last two weeks of Tribex & M to give me enough recovery to repeat the cycle back to back for quite some time.

why don’t you just mag-10 for 4 weeks with myostat and then do 2 weeks tribex M. Then repeat that. If you want to use 4-a then I would actually do the 4-ad after the mag-10. Maybe 2 weeks mag-10, 2 weeks 4-ad, 2 weeks tribex M. like that. laters pk