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4 ad ec

(Current weight is 188.4 lbs 11%bf 5’10")was wondering if 4 ad ec used for 5 weeks while cutting (200 cals /day 262 grams pro, 40 grams carbs) would help to ratain some of my lbm. I weight train 3 days a week, cardio 5 days a week. Seconded question… i know it is not excepted that one can gain muscle while on a low cal diet, but since my protien intake is 261 g/day would the addtion of a ac ed make wuscle gain possiable

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Where is your fat intake? If you consume 1200 calories daily you will most certainly lose muscle mass; even with the 4adec. What kind of training are you doing? If it’s hypertrophy oriented, you’ll probably lose more mass.

Forget the cardio! Drop it and lift even more. You’ll cut that way believe me. Eat at least 3500 calories if you want to keep your muscle. Yes, its going to take longer to cut but its not worth loosing that muscle. I’d use the 4-ad-ec for the reason you stated and something else like T2 or even ephedra as long as its a very mild dose and NO cardio while on it. Try to cut without over doing the training… your body will be able to keep it off easier if you do it slowly without extreme measures like cardio! I usually play one or two games of three on three basketball every other week. Thats it for now.

Definately, with a proper workout and recovery technique and hormone manipulation through intense workouts. I could definately see little if any muscle gain, but little is more than none. Add 100g of carbs a day and that will definately increase chances and make muscle gain not surprising.

What about using the Fat Fast diet while on 4 AD-EC? I would follow Brock’s plan and be at 1600 calories a day and following the 5X5 plan. What’s your opinion?

What is your maintenance caloric intake?