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Why can you use 4-ad-ec for a longer period of time? How do methoxy-7 and 4-ad-ec stack up together? Does anyone know? I’ve been using methoxy-7 for a while and stand by the results. Mag-10 was effective but too expensive for its short term use and my particular response to it. So I’m interested in longer term use of 4-ad-ec. Would tribex with 4-ad-ec be more effective?

Many have done Androsol cycles, which supply the same active compound, for 8 weeks and there’s never been a complaint of trouble with recovery of natural T afterwards even if nothing is used to aid that, for example Tribex. So it seemed reasonable that this should be possible with 4-AD-EC as well. So far, no complaints, though it’s still preferable to use something afterwards, for example Tribex + M; or Tribex + Vitex (e.g. the Solaray brand at 400 mg/day); or Clomid.

MAG-10 can be done in an 8 week cycle also but I would not do it without a recovery aid.

Read Cy Willson’s “Never Ending Cycle” article. Type it in the search engine on the T-mag homepage.

I want to use 4-ad-ec in about a month after I give my body a decent break from my Dbol only cycle. I used Dbol for three weeks at a minimal morning dose. That along with the major increase in caloric intake and training volume yielded very impressive results for me. I really did not want to put on a whole lot of mass with the Dbol just to loose a lot of it post cycle. That is why I opted to do a fairly short cycle with minimal doses. I actually did not gain any over-all poundage but did change my physique quite a bit. I went up two shirt sizes and down one pant size. I have esimated that I exchanged around 10 lbs fat for 10 lbs muscle and have not lost anything except for a little water weight since discontinueing about a week and a half ago. I have also noticed very little negative side effects and no backlash. The functional increase in strength that it gave me is also still there. In fact it wasn’t until the third week that my strength really spiked and it is conintueing to do so even to this day. What I wanted to do was use something fairly mild to help continue with long term momentum. Mag-10 worked fairly well… nearly as effective as the Dbol but it is too expensive, causes too much supression (or more than I want right now since I have naturally high T levels) and I would only use it for 2 weeks at a time. 4-ad-ec seems like it could help me continue to build mass from this point without too much to worry about. Also I wanted to use something a bit more long term to help mature the new mass that I just recently put on. To me muscle is not something you can really be proud of until it has been there for a while. I’m thinking long term use of either 4-ad-ec and methoxy-7 (by the way methoxy-7 is an amazing product) or tribex and methoxy-7. Which would be a more intelligent stack considering my goal of: 15 lbs LBM in 5 months and a drop from 9 % bf to around 5-6 % bf? This is permenant sustainable muscle and fat loss that I’m looking for. I think I could go as high as 30 lbs LBM and around 4 % bf by that time but I do not want to start that rollercoaster ride. This really should be in the steroid forum now…

What do you think of the article that Joel mentioned? That article actually states 12-16 weeks. Is that safe too?

I’ve talked to Cy about this and he recommended to me a 10-12 week cycle followed by 2-3 weeks of Tribex and M or Vitex for recovery. With Mag, you’d have to stay “off” a lot longer, but w/ 4adec and tribex + vitex or M, 2-3 weeks is all you need after a 12 week cycle.

An 8 week Methoxy-7/4-AD-EC stack would be interesting to try…what sort of results could one expect with this stack, Bill?

Methoxy-7 is awesome. I have been using it throughout my Dbol cycle and have used it with tribex as well; before and after in fact. It is excellent. I’d expect excellent long term change from it combined with any other product. It seems to just slowly but surely chisel away at you. All the while fat melts slowly away and muscle gets harder and harder. Dbol, MAG10, even Tribex just speed it up a bit and enhance its effects. So much so does it do this that you don’t have to take as much of what you stack it with. And I think its post cycle effect for me not only allowed me to keep everything I gained but I am still gaining with ease.