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Can’t find anything on this using the search function. What is this, half of Mag 10? Androsol you can swalow? The store says you don’t have to cycle off, but I used to cycle Androsol. Has anyone tried it? How does it compare to Mag 10 or Androsol? The no side effects sounds good if true, but how effective is it?

The effectiveness should be the same as Androsol, only more convenient.

I would still cycle off. It’s just that
with the 4-AD-EC, you could go for example
8 weeks and not need to bother with Clomid,
or Tribex + Vitex, or Tribex + M (though it would still be a good idea to use one of these!) whereas with MAG-10, with a cycle that long, there’s no way I’d do it or recommend doing it without the recovery agents afterwards.

Found it in BTS.

bill, just curious how the 4-ad-ec could combine now with finaplix in place of the androsol. take everything orally?