Hey I just ordered 4-AD-EC on the Biotest store! I’ve been waiting for a while for this stuff. Can’t wait to get it.

How come no one said anything about about this? I’ve been waiting for this stuff too. Did I miss someething in T-Mag?

Are 4-AD-ECs effects similar to Androsol for fat loss? Is it better than MAG-10 for cutting? Man, I want this stuff. Ive been getting pretty lean and need something to help me keep muscle while I get rid of this last bit of fat.

Why didn’t anyone say anything?

I dunno… “loose lips sink ships?”

No, I don’t think that’s it, though I was
keeping my lip zipped. More likely I’d think is that in this
case, due to doing such similar formulation
work for MAG-10 and the manufacturing process
being almost identical, and the 4-AD-EC
material now being available in quantity, once the formulation
work was finished it was possible to manufacture in quantity within days. So there
was no need for a pre-order, as in cases where
it’s known that it will be difficult for
some time to meet initial demand because
of the manufacturing process being new or
supplies of materials being short.

I’m not sure if things are equivalent, so I hope you can explain.

Does 1 serving of 4-AD-EC equal the same amount of 4AD that you would get from 140 sprays (2x70) of androsol?

I'm basing this question on the cost of the proucts being equal and thus getting the same number of applications from androsol to equal the 14 servings of 4-AD-EC.

Also, are there any advantages of using androsol now that we can get 4-AD-EC?

Right now it’s an estimate that one dose
per day of the 4-AD-EC product should give
equal blood levels to 70 sprays 2x/day application of Androsol.

The product is absolutely hot off the formulation table so to speak – you’re getting it within days of the formulation being completed. I’m completely confident that the formulation is good, based on previous blood tests with formulations that
should not and don’t seem to be as good, so we went ahead but there has not been time yet for blood test results. So it’s not yet a proven fact exactly how blood levels compare to Androsol. No one within Biotest who has tried it thinks it seems to be less and some think it seems like more. E.g., TC prefers only 6 mL per day (2/3 of a dose) with a full dose giving too much CNS effect.

The only reason I can think of why one might prefer Androsol is faster clearance. But that is probably an issue only for drug testing, which few are subjected to, and which isn’t much of an issue even with the 4-AD-EC because 4-AD is naturally present anyhow, so a week or so should suffice.

I had previously thought that the morning-only
method of use that Androsol allows, due to
a duration of action of only 12-16 hours, was quite useful for avoiding inhibition but it does seem like (however, it’s being researched to be sure) inhibition is pretty mild even with 2x/day Androsol use and this has also seemed so with early liquid formulations of 4-AD-EC.

The bottle and sprayer can be handy for
putting in alcohol-based salicylic acid
preparations, but of course one doesn’t
need to buy more Androsol bottles for that.
They’re good also for Finasol but same story
there: just need to buy 99% isopropyl alcohol
instead of adding to Androsol, if desired.

In summary, Androsol probably does not have any particular advantages over the 4-AD-EC product.

Very interesting compound now with the esther in it. the cost per serving ration is very interesting. Question here, could someone include the 4d immediately after a mag-10 cycle to further improve the results of a fat loss cycle? Lipid usage is increased with the use of a class II androgen right? I imagine that this new 4ad is equivalent to the results one would see with say winstrol or anavar?

As far as the issue of advantages (if any) of Androsol vs 4-AD-EC, my take is that 4-AD-EC due to half life provided by the EC component is a full 24 hours, where Androsol due to absorption isssue is a 12 hour product and as such can be used as a morning only protocol for extended periods of time without any appreciable T suppression. I’m guessing you couldn’t use 4-AD-EC for extended periods with out T suppression like you can with Androsol used morning only. I recently came off 6 weeks of Androsol 70 sprays morning only during cutting cycle and I did come off with Tribex, M, and Methoxy, but I really don’t think I had any T suppression at all, as since I’ve come off Androsol, my WO’s have continued to progress and haven’t felt any adverse effect to sex drive. But I’m not sure you could get away with that on 4-AD-EC. I’ve done other morning only extended cycles of Androsol and love it - other than the hassle of application and the drying of skin over time - but I love Androsol.