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4-AD-EC vs. Mag-10 for 1st time user

I’ve never used anything besides creatine and MX7 (also protein, glutamine, etc). Wanted to move up to prohormones – thinking of starting with 4-AD-EC for 2 weeks at 1 dose/day, then going “off” for 1 week, then moving up to Mag-10 for 2 weeks.

Training plan is as follows:

Just finished 1 week of 5x5

2 weeks of 5x5 with 4-AD-EC

1 week of EDT while “off”

2 weeks of EDT with Mag-10

Thoughts & opinions?

Would it be better to do a first cycle with Mag-10? I’ve heard on the Steroids board that since the 1st cycle usually has the best gains, you should go all out. Does this still apply to pro-hormones, and would I thus be better off starting off with Mag-10?

BTW, I have read up on Mag-10 & 4-AD-EC. Been training off and on for about 9 years (seriously for about 2). 6ft / 185lbs / 12%BF, Bench+Squat+Dead is just over 1000 lbs. (tested about 2 months ago). Diet is in order (I can post if you want). Reason for starting with 4-AD-EC is $$, get a bigger paycheck in a couple of weeks, so I can get Mag-10 after getting the $$.