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4-ad-ec several questions

I will be trying 4-ad-ec for the first time. For those that have used it before, do you have any tips for maximizing my results while on? My goal is to pack on lbm. Does the Mag-10 plan for success/2 plus 2 article carry over to 4-ad-ec? I would think there would be some overlap between the two products (since 4-ad-ec is in mag-10), but I am interested in hearing if anyone has other suggestions or advice.

Also, out of curiosity, I have read that 4-ad-ec can be used while dieting to preserve muscle mass. No doubt some people are probably using it with Hot-Roxx. Is there any benefit to taking Hot-Roxx with 4-ad-ec if not in a hypocaloric state? Is there a better chance of putting on only LBM when used together instead of the typical bulk/cut routine? Or put another way, would this combo build muscle while losing fat?


I wanted to give this a bump. If anyone has any insight to share I would appreciate it.