4-AD-EC Results?

Reading some of these posts, I get the idea that Mag-10 is insanely effective. But… since only 4-AD-EC is available now, I would love to see some posts about that. (I guess a lot of you stocked up on Mag-10. Unfortunately I missed the boat…)

For those of you who have used both, how does 4-AD-EC compare to Mag-10? (It has only one half the ingredients, but apparently a more advanced delivery system, so should we expect more than half the gains?)

Also, any cycle ideas? I was flipping through a 2003 issue of Testosterone magazine, and I read an article by Cy WIlson about 4-AD-EC being safe to use in a virtually “never-ending cycle” … But on this site we see a recommendation of 2 weeks on 2 weeks off. Anyone try 4-AD-EC for longer than 2 weeks?


I tried a 2-week cycle of Mag-10 in the liquid form and didn’t see much of a gain in size. I’m on my 4th week of 4-AD-EC and have gained 10 lbs. I have been eating like mad, 8 meals a day (4 p+c and 4 p+f) the days I lift. On my days off I take in 6 meals a day (4 p+c and 2 p+f,) and have not gained any fat. Each meal needs to have 40 grams of protein. Also I try to take in about 600 calories per meal. If you don?t eat like this your size will not increase. I am going to cycle for 6 weeks on 6 weeks off. I didn?t see gains until the beginning of week 3 so if you don?t notice anything after 2 weeks it?s still going to work. I feel that with anything the longer you take it the greater the chances of gain, but you?re also increasing the likelihood of side affects. So be careful if you exceed the 2-week cycle.

I too am taking 4-AD-EC right now. I am cycling for six weeks also, but only taking two weeks with Alpha Male and M in between another six weeks or 4-AD-EC. I am in my second week and have gained almost five lbs already. I have noticed an increase in strength as well. Today I got 285 up on bench for my heaviest lift since my shoulder reconstruction about five years ago. Before starting this stuff I struggled with 265. I just haven’t been able to put up any heavy weights. Before I hurt my shoulder my max was 300 at a body weight of 155. I weigh almost 180 now and expect to be doing 300 again in a few more weeks. I was told as long as you took 4-AD-EC before 9 AM as suggested that one could do a whole bottle with almost no side effects. But might have better results cycling like I’m doing.
Hope this helps.

Great feedback! Did you have any water retention or has it the gain been pretty “dry”?

I tried a bottle of 4-AD-EC when it was still in liquid form. I used the trusty “take a gulp and enjoy the burning sensation on your lips” method. Though I did put on about 10 lbs. I must say it did work well and I wasn’t water-retained at all. I just got bigger. I was very impressed.

Does anyone know how much longer these supplements are gonna be available?

My best guess is early '05.