4-AD-EC question for Brock (or Bill)

Brock mentioned that the effects from the 4-AD-EC were similiar to 350-700 mg of T propionate. Androsol can be as potent as 500 ms of Sustanon, which is of course T as well. I realize he only meant the comparison as an example, but besides being in capsule form which may be more convenient, is there any other advantages over Androsol? This is not a negative statement, just trying to understand if I missed anything. Of course I realize the finished MAG-10 product will also have a Class I prohormone which of course will make it more potent.

The advantages are combining a Class I
(a very significant advantage) and being
oral. While those who are really up on
things aren’t at all bothered by Androsol
being a topical spray, to the average
potential customer apparently that’s a big
deterring factor.

The oral formulation is also more efficient,
requiring fewer milligrams for any given
blood level. So the 4-AD portion of it
is more cost-effective.

Thanks for the reply Bill. Last question on this, I promise, but will the Class I component be the N-17E?

Could someone tell me the difference between a class 1 and a class 2 androgen?