4-AD-ec post Mag-10

I typically take 3 off weeks, with Tribex and M, after 2 weeks on time with Mag-10. After my current cycle I?m going to switch to a cutting phase and plan on using 4AD-ec. Do I still need to take some time off after the Mag-10, or can I immediately start the 4-AD for an extended period of time? I probably won?t be retuning to Mag-10 until the fall.

Something that you should probably consider is the fact that after a mag 10 cycle you need some time at maintanence calories at least, in order to solidify the gains you got from the Mag 10. Be patient and take the two weeks off from any PH then use the 4 ad to cut. You will be happier this way believe me.
:slight_smile: Groove

Thank’s Groove. I was planning on doing maintenance calories for 2-3 weeks, then gradually tappering down anyway, but I get your point that it can’t hurt to give the body a break from being ‘on’.