4-AD-EC Plan

I recently got myself a bottle of 4-AD-EC (and NOW they bring back the Mag-10) and am looking to get everything planned out as perfectly as possible to get the most out of it. I am hoping by posting my ideas here I can get a bit of feedback from people who have previous experience with 4-AD-EC or Mag-10.

The supplements I plan on taking during the cycles are: Surge, Grow!, Whey, Creatine, and of course a good ol’ Multivitamin. Does this list look okay? Am I missing anything important here?

My workout routine of choice is going to be CT’s OVT routine as I figure hitting myself with a bunch of volume would be optimal and overtraining isn’t much of a danger. Is this a good choice for a routine?

I plan on going through 2 3 week cycles of the OVT as opposed to the recommended 2 4 week cycles and do the 4-AD-EC during that time. I also plan on taking 2 weeks off in between them and doing something along the lines of the Chad Waterbury’s Strength Focused Mesocycle. During that time would an estrogen suppressent such as M be necessary? I should mention that I’m only 21 so I can’t imagine that my testosterone levels are that low to start with.

If you skipped all that and want to know the short version: What should supplementation be during and between cycles and is the OVT routine a good choice.


Ok. I will do my best to shed some light on your situation for you. You may not like all of what I say, but hey, it’s just my opinion and you asked for it. lol

First it is obvious that you need to do A LOT more reading on PH cycles and cycles of any anabolic in general before moving on with this. The better educated you are the more prepared, and in turn the better results you will get. So READ UP!

Now to your comments/questions:

***** Dont fret over JUST getting the 4-AD-EC as opposed to the Mag 10. The 4-AD-EC is a good, and powerful compound in and of itself. One to be respected, and well worth the money.

*****Yes, those are great but you also will need a good source of your omega 3’s. Fish oil. You will want to up the carbs and lower your fat intake to a minimu during the ON weeks with exception of your fish oils.

****OVT is a great choice for a program during your cycle.

****You are VERY mistaken though thinking that overtraining is a non issue. Even if you were to take mega doses of illegal gear, overtraining is still very possibe.

****That said sometimes overtraining can be a good thing to a point. CT actually touched on this recently in another thread, and I am currently on a short cycle in which I am using a variation of OVT to purposely touch on or become full on overtrained. Then you drop the volume greatly during your recovery. This then will (hopefully) have an effect of delayed growth during the next two weeks coming from the prior OVT weeks. This delayed growth is what CT touched on and the reasoning for high loads/volume and possibility of overtraining during OVT.

**** Just note that OVER TRAINING IS a Possibility while on.

***** your training and diet during the off weeks, and recovery are as, if not more important than, the on weeks. Keep eating big. Train HEAVY with a HUGE decrease in total volume. READ UP ON THIS. Chads program may fit well.

****Necessary, maybe not, STRONGLY SUGGESTED yes,yes,yes,. READ

I should mention that I’m only 21 so I can’t imagine that my testosterone levels are that low to start with.

***** This sound like more of a reason you need to read over and over and over to possibly talk yourself into WAITING a WHILE before doing your cycle. If, as you state you are 21, and your test levels are allready pretty damned high. Why not hold off on the Cycle for a bit. Take advantage of what you have naturally, nail a solid diet, and learn as much as you can about training and nutrition and how each different aspect effects you. This knowledge, experience, and gym/physique progress will do nothing but make your future use of the 4-AD-EC that much more fruitfull. You wont have these questions. You will know which training to use that will effect you in the way you want, the diet to use, etc…

I think that about covers it. To answer your last question. Yes you seem to have the basic supps. that are PRIORITY with the exception of the Fish OIL’s. No extra bells and whistles by any means. Also yes OVT is a great choice.

Once again this was not to flame you, but to simply help you out.

I hope that some of it did,

For the fish oil, I already take that as well as flax oil (cook with other oils and get organic eggs high in omega 3s) I just didn’t include them as I think them more just part of my diet than a supplement, but thanks for the heads up in that regard.

As for the overtraining, I figured that the best place to start to look was at the Mag-10 plan for success which says:
“unless you increase calories and protein, and dial up training intensity, volume, and frequency, you could be missing out on some of MAG-10?s dramatic results.”
Which is where I got my idea to do OVT in the first place.

Everything else you mentioned pretty much confirmed what I was thinking beforehand, thank you for your reply.