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4-AD-EC/M stack

question: is it ‘smart’ to stack M with 4-AD-EC to minimize estrogen conversion and any possible side effects (i.e. hair loss)?? Has anyone tried this and if so was it successful? Thanks in advance

There are no estrogen side effects associated with 4-AD-EC.

Bill has covered this - 4AD-EC doesn’t aromitize to estrogen and very little 4AD gets converted to T, so estrogen is not an issue during the cycle.

Ok but does it help to stack “M” to lower estrogen levels while on 4-AD-EC? Even though 4-AD-EC does not aromotize into estrogen would it be a good stack to include it?

cost/benefit analysis: NO

That seems logical to me too…producing more T is going to cause more Estrogen conversion regardless. SO i figured M would help counter that? Am i totally off???

4AD conversion to T is minimal. Bill has covered this.

Joel: “cost/benefit analysis: NO” Hi Joel, could you quantify that statement further? If I am taking 4-AD-EC which as I understand does not aromitize into estrogen then taking “M” is not needed for countering any unwanted effects of 4-AD-EC. That is accepted. What I am asking is while taking this pro-steroid what is wrong with taking “M” to bring down estrogen that I currently have independent of 4-AD-EC? Is it not an even better stack to do both concurrently? I just finished taking four weeks of Mag-10 and want to finish the cycle by continuing 4-AD-EC with “M” for eight weeks. My other supplement is Myostat which I’ve been on for about four weeks as well. What I am trying to accomplish for the next eight weeks is just keeping my LBM while going from 20% bodyfat to 12% which I am hoping is possible. Using “M” while on 4-AD-EC with a keto diet for the first four weeks subsequently adding in carbs into the diet is a gameplan that I am hoping will work. According to the “The Never Ending Cycle” there should be no problems on an extended cycle of 4-AD-EC with “M” as a stack. Any comments or help? Bill?