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4-AD-EC Extended Cycle

I’m thinking of starting an extended cycle of 4-AD-EC, possibly up to 6 or more weeks. My question is would Tribex-500 & M be useful DURING the cycle? Or would it be best to only do it AFTER the cycle? What if I were to stay on 4-AD-EC for 12 or 18 weeks? I’m going to be using ZMA the entire cycle as well, and possibly Methoxy-7-EC as well (during the ENTIRE cycle).

PS - It was mentioned a while back that Androsol could reduce the possibility of overtraining. Would 4-AD-EC exhibit the same effect? What about in conjunction with Tribex, M, ZMA, and Methoxy?

bump… anyone?

I would also like to know the answer to this question. And also, could you use Mag-10 in the same manner (i.e. 6 weeks or more straight)?

And would there be a difference in libido, mood, and general drive to workout between 4-AD-EC and Mag-10??