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4-AD-EC Dosing


I’ve just started a 4 week cycle of 4-AD-EC, my question is, as i’m currently 23 and 150lb, should I lower the daily dose from 1.5 caps to say 1 cap? Obviously I still want to get the maximum benefit from the product but don’t want to be taking ‘extra’ if my body doesnt actually need it!

And before you all say ‘use the forum search engine’ I HAVE tried! numerous times in fact but it keeps returning an error :frowning:


surely somebody else out there is using this cool product who is 200lb ! - how much are you taking??


Use the label dosage. The first time around is an excellent opportunity for maximal gains. Why wonder if an extra few mils would have given you more gains?

It depends on your goals. If you are dieting then half a dose is all you need. I would think that would be the case if you want to maintain your current body weight but just wanted to get leaner. If you are bulking I would use the full recommended dose. If I were bulking I would probably use Mag 10 however. Hope this helps.

My goal is definately bulking - the reason I asked the question is that i’m in the UK and 4AD is expensive here! … it works out at about $76 PER BOTTLE - and no 3 for 2 offers either! Thus it makes sense to not be knocking back 1.5 caps a day if 1 cap would be adequete for my bodyweight. Hope this makes sense.

Thanks for the responses!

Lorian,i am a UK resident and have just bought 4ad-ec from Biotest Uk on a 3 for 2 basis.I e-mailed them about the different prices and asked if there were any similar offers going and they replied with an offer of 3 for 2.Give it a try.
David Freeman.

Thats fantastic! … i’ll be sure give them a call before my next cycle!

Thanks again …