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4-AD-EC Capsules?

Any hope of knowing if Biotest will be putting out the capsule form of 4-AD-EC like Mag-10?

It would certainly be interesting to have as long term usage of liquid 4-AD-EC has been shown to cause significant regurgitation of previous undigested meals.

(I’m kidding, but it still would be nice to have.)

Maybe I’m not getting the joke, but isn’t Mag-10 already available in caps?

I wouldn’t mind having both Methoxy and 4ad in pill form. But I imagine Biotest is waiting to see the results of this pro-hormone ban, methoxy wouldn’t be affected I don’t think, but mag-10 and 4ad would right?

Any news on how that’s going (maybe I should start a new thread for that rather than hijack this one…)

I say bring on the micro-emulsion (sp?) methoxy caps!!!


Yep, Mag-10 is out in capsule form. My question was trying to ask if 4-AD-EC would follow suite as well.

Sorry for the confusion.


That’s true, I never thought about the ban.

I don’t think that Methoxy would be put into capsule form if the oral delivery system is supposed to be superior. But then again I could be wrong.


Methoxy tastes awesome …why put it in caps?

well methoxy i think you can get some benefit from sublingual absorbtion. Yeah 4-as-3c isnt half as bas the taste that mag-10 was. But caps in the new delivery system would be great because you get 40% better absorbtion. Thats the benefit of the 4-ad-ec caps. Thats also so highly touted in the mag-10 article. So BRING THE CAPSULES hehe…and not the price increase haha.

I guess no “insider” response huh?