4-AD-EC by itself.

I am interested in trying 4-AD. I have used various steroids in the past and have used Mag10(great product). My reasoning for wanting to take 4-AD is that, being an androgen, it should be more similar to to taking test alone then using Mag10. Class I steroids, and I assume this goes for 1AD or 1-Test causes depression for myself where Class II steroids enhance my desire to train, have sex, etc…

Any thoughts?

that would work, …OR you could stack the two. 1 test is known to lower sex drive and create lethargy. For most people a small amount of 4AD can cure this. You may just need more 4AD to counter the 1 Test sides youre experiencing. If your on a budget, then just 4AD will be fine, I LOVE 4AD, but You’ll get better results on both.

Doesn’t Mag10 already have 4ad in it?

Yes, Mag 10 already has 4-AD in it. My point is that for him it may not be enough 4-AD to counter the 1-T’s sides. Thats why I recomended adding more 4-AD versus dropping the 1-T. If that still doesnt work, then I’d recomend avoiding 1-T.

Another idea would be trippling or quadrupling the dose of 4-AD. 600mg-800mg of 4-AD-EC per day is pretty good by itself.

4-AD-EC is great by itself. You feel good and sex drive is way up. I love the stuff for cycles longer than two weeks. I’ve also done two weeks of MAG-10 followed by 2 weeks of 4-AD-EC with no break. No problems, great gains.