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4-AD-EC as a bridge

Anyone here use 4-AD-EC postcycle and feel happy with the results? I’m thinking about ordering a couple of bottles.

I rarely post on this board as I am yet a little lagging in my knowlege of this stuff…

…but wouldn’t 4ad be a bad choice for post cycle? Wouldn’t Tribex or Red Kat be better?

Or am I missing the point? Please explain… : )

I liked it last post-cycle, but the boys didn’t make much of a comeback while I used it, but that was probably due to the tren. If you use it I would suggest keep it to 2-3 weeks post-cycle.

AGATHOS, now im no expert either so dont quote me. the idea of using a non supressive anabolic post cycle is to provide you with anabolic “support” while your nads return to proper function.

tribex, while not supressive, would probably not give enough anabolic support on its own. however it is good to use post cycle as part of your post cycle plan.

as far as the 4-ad goes i have no idea if it would be a good choice post cycle. i believe 3xkrazy had a post a while back showing that his test levels did increase while on 4-ad and wasnt supresed. i know that low dose primo is a popular choice for a bridge. lets see what the vets have to say???

that possibly sounds right after some research, in Cy’s never ending cycle article he mentioned 4ad doesn’t aromatize or bind as quickly, so it would seem that it would supply a good anabolic state w/out to much further suppression?

Or I could be really really really wrong…


See the thread I started (it should still be on the front page of this forum, if not, the second) about 4-AD. One of the last posts, Abbaddon states that 4-AD is potent and suppressive, so it is not a good choice. Read what he has to say.

He also says it is very anabolic. My question is, if so, why don’t more people use it?

I’ve come to view just about every AAS as suppressive.

By the way, I hear some poeple use 4-AD injectionable with Tren. Does anyone know what the does of 4-AD would be? I can’t find any literature on it.

I’ve had good luck with Methoxy (totally non-suppressive) and Tren post cycle. Did I say Tren? I meant Clomid.


It’s not going to be in the literature. I’d just add it to the stack like it was, well, actually I don’t know what the ester on an injectable 4-AD-EC is - anyone???