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4-AD-EC and methoxy

Has anyone used both products while cutting. I mean each one at a time and compared the two? or both at the same time? what did you think? did you use M at the same time. Or how bout M,Tribex, and Methoxy. Or M, Methoxy and 4-AD-EC. er ahHhhhhhhhhhhhh. Basicly whats your favorite for keep the LBM while losing the blubber.

I used 4-ad-ec while cutting and did not lose any LBM. Doing an HST program I also gained some strength…dropped the fat pretty well. I also maintained LBM while using Tribex and M in combination with an ECA stack. Have not tried Methoxy. Of the two I like Tribex better for cutting. For me the 4-ad did not work signifigantly better.I am in week 6 of a cutting cycle and hit a wall so am in the process of switching everything up on the diet side.