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4-AD-EC and MAG-10 Expirations

I have two bottles of the 4-AD-EC liquid, a bottle of MAG-10 liquid and a bottle of the MAG-10 nano capsules as well - expirations 7/06 and 8/06. They have been in the fridge since I've gotten them and I just recently discovered they were still there - are they sill worth using even though they are a year past the expiration date?


I'm sure they'll work fine, or at minimum you'll get like 50-75% of the expected results compared to non-expired stuff. But keeping it in the fridge should have helped a lot. Either way it's not going to hurt you at all so go for it.


That MAG-10 wasn't bad stuff. I should have picked-up more before the ban. What a shame. Worked so well.


I remember the early product articles mentioning that freezer storage would extend the expiration date by ten years. So even if you take that as an optimistic estimate, you can expect at least five years of continued potency.


thanks guys - I am going to do the big boy basics coupled with the 4AD I have left. Right now I am 252 at 18%BF - we'll see what the numbers read when the program is over. thanks.