4-AD dosage on Fat Fast

Hey folks. I’ve searched through the site and forum posts and couldn’t find an answer to this question. When using 4-AD (oral instead of Androsol), should one use a half dosage daily like Brock recommended originally? Also, is front-loading necessary? Any help would be appreciated.

Did another forum search and found the answer to question #1. Most advise a full dose of 4-AD. But still need info on front loading?

Iron Mike - I did a fat fast while using 4-ad. I front loaded it and did the single dose throughout. I would suggest that is a good course to take. Also while it did preserve LBM I didn’t really start to drop fat until I finished it and went to Tribex-500. I dropped some but not nearly as much as when on Tribex. I think, for me, the 4-ad, preserved everything.