4-AD and Bridging - Cy?

CY WILSON/BILL ROBERTS - Interesting article by CY, The Never Ending Cycle has stirred some good threads on EF & other boards… The questions that have come from these are:

CAN you use HALO or 4-AD to BRIDGE? While in theory it may not suppress T levels much or at all would it still prevent impaired T levels from normalizing after a cycle of “harder” stuff?

I’ve used 4-AD (Androsol) 2 weeks after discontinuing a heavy cycle and felt better overall and my natural T normalized by week 5 as usual (according to blood tests - the Androsol), so my experience has been good (AM application only).

Also, is it possible for some users to have suppresion even on Androsol if they have a natural T to E conversion problem anyway? I know a few that have bitched about 4-AD shutting them down after 8 weeks.

Bump - This could be a good one… If it’s ok to use as a bridge then I’m starting on DAY 1 off my current cycle as I can’t stand the 1st 2 weeks of post-cycle hell.

I’d like to hear this one too. Cy? Bill?

BUMP as well.
I asked this before but did not get a response.

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Bump for Cy or Bill Roberts.