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4/9 USPF Meet Results


Last Saturday I participated in a USPF meet at good ol' Rickey Dale Crain's gym.

This was my second full meet and I also set a few 308 junior national records. I didn't quite hit the numbers I was expecting to, due to a little nausea and little rest on account of the fact that there were only ~ 25 lifters with 2 flights. Looking to improve upon my numbers at USPF nationals in Chicago in July.

Squat - 1st: 785 (scratch) 2nd: 785 3rd: pass
Bench - 1st: 605 (scratch) 2nd: 605 3rd: 655
Deadlift - 1st: 655 2nd: 715 3rd: pass

For a 2155 total

Here's the vids:


sick, sick lifts.


Nice Lifting!!!! Where do you train at??? There are some guys at the weight room that I train with from time to time, David Scott is one of them.


A little warehouse gym called Elite Performance on Memorial and Lincoln. We have a small group that usually trains in the evenings.. If you'd like to come train with us just PM me.