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4-7-06 Powerful Image


I might as well get it started....ummm..she's hot. passes the baton


Are we going to start a thread about every Powerful Image now? And yes she is kind of hot, but I don't know what is so "powerful" about this picture.


My first thought was "wow, she's hot", my second thought was "she needs to put on some muscle though".


Funny, I was relieved it wasn't another chick who was ripped to shreds with rubber balls stuck where her tits should be.

Implants only look good when there's something covering them other than skin.

It's just not right . . .


TC has a thing for full-coverage blue striped panties.

Best I can figure.



I'd hit it!


The fact that she might be the best looking woman on the planet (Joanna Krupa) seems pretty damn powerful to me...


When a chick's nipples are sticking out I can't stop looking.


Some guys really think she's the best looking woman on the planet?

Why? Honest curiosity, not trying to get the whole "It's a matter of taste" thing going, curious about actual reasons. If she's been discussed before a link would suffice, but I just don't see why she would be.



She's certainly not ugly!
link NSW



Nice link justhrowit!


What's that she's leaning on........


palm tree?


Yup, those pretty much confirm my thoughts on her. lol

Another good link to maybe 100 photos:


My first thought was, "I wonder what it would be like to take her out, wine and dine her." My second thought was, "I wonder what her head would look like on the end of a stick?"

american psycho reference


Holy shit that's more like it. I like her more now. Those images are "powerful".


I gotta tell you guys who are "building collections" of photos on their computers about this Firefox plugin, its perfect for image galeries like this:


After you install it (doesn't work on Internet Explorer) you just right click and easily choose the images u want and it downloads them. Is so damn easy.

But yea, enough geeking out, she's way hot. I like Mariza Prince better tho.

But I guess it depends on the photo.