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4-6 Weeks


I'm Mid 20's. I've been lifting for 6+ years and i'm around 200 pounds at 6 foot.

I've got the chance to travel to Thailand for 4-6 weeks to eat/sleep/train and posably do a short cycle. I've been reading up on cycle ideas and was interested to see what people's views on a 4 week cycle would be.

Because of the short time period. I was thinking of putting the focus more on strength than hypertrophy.

This is all just an idea at the moment and would require being able to aquire some HGC etc. for PCT at home.

This would be my first cycle.

Thanks in advance.



many decent options for a 4-6 week cycle

HCG not needed

make sure you have your PCT in order for when you return home.....time it accordingly

post a cycle plan once you have figured out what you want to do.


I was thinking somthing like test-e/tren at 400mg/500mg per week for 4-6 weeks.

Would test prop be a better option?

As far as PCT I need to see what I can get my hands on, Nolva or Clomid. I need to do some more research as to what amount's will be needed each day. I'll probably grab some TRIBEX Gold and Carbolin 19.


Ok no pro here by but researching/learning.

Like above the wouldnt it be best to go for short esters like the prop with tren ace, dbol, winny, etc. while in Thailand then the day of or prior to leaving you could actually extend the cycle by a few weeks by taking a nice big whack of longer eters like test e and say tren e or parabolin then start pct after two weeks back at home.

Maybe even start the initail smaller dose of the longer esters a week prior to leaving.