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4-6 Week Programs/Challenges

Does anyone know of any 4-6 week Programs/Challenges. Looking to do shorter term program as a way to not get bored. Was thinking of trying MURPH for 30 days or another Crossfit Hero WOD.

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What kind of outcome are you looking to achieve?

Super Squats

5/3/1 Building the Monolith

Deep Water Beginner

Deep Water Intermediate

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Brian Alsruhe has a few $25 programs on his website that are ass kickers. They run 9 weeks, but you could easily break them into 3 week chunks for a challenge stimulus.


None really. Currently a pretty lean 175 lbs, 11-13%bf at 5’10 and training has gotten a bit boring. Just looking to change things up so figured short programs would fit the bill

Go into @T3hPwnisher s log and repeat every workout that makes you go “fuck”. Adjust weights as needed. Start with this one

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Six weeks is a great length of time to run a Bill Star bench/clean/squat set-up.


Or if you want put on some mass, bodybuilder style you could do six weeks of Breakdowns. Basically you do low reps, medium reps and high reps on each lift in each workout. It was different and tough.

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Had this suggested, looks pretty good:


For Time

  • 1.5 mile Run
  • Then 8 rounds of:
  • 19 Pull-Ups
  • 19 Push-Ups
  • 19 Burpees


  • 400 meter Sandbag Carry (heavy)
  • 1-mile Farmers Carry (45/35 lb dumbbells)

I like the Wendler BBB Beefcake program.

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I did 30 days of Murph earlier in the year.

It was… interesting.

PRd my 2.4km time

Legs/glutes grew a little

Got diced.

Also got mad shin splints about five days in that lasted for a while after it was over.

I recommend giving it a go.

I tried to do it with a weight vest for the final ten days, but I’m pretty sure I only got one or two before I realised that for me, that was too much

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