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4-6-or 8-pack?

To anyone in the know, is it possible for everyone to uncover the lowest abs( those being under/ in line with the navel)? I tried for long and have settled with a traditional 6-pack instead of the elusive 8-pack that is my Holy Grail at the moment. Granted, I have been cheating on my diet lately but now I hope to find new spirit in my pursuit of perfect leanhood and Etched ABness. Regarding this very topic, I also read somewhere that some majority/minority of males will not ever obtain a superior abdomen because they simply do not posess the same ab structure which accounts for those with a “perfect” abdomen. Is this hogwash or what?

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While a 6-pack is most common, some people will only ever show 4 and some might bust out with 8. It is a genetically determined thing. Just go to a big chain bookstore today and look through all the workout mags and see how often a guy has a 4, 6, or 8 pack. It is pretty spread out and not likely even based on the actual body fat of the person.

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You can have big well developed arms, but will you ever have a Ronnie Coleman bicep peak? You can have great ABS, but will you have an 8pack?

Thanks, Jason N., for clearing up this everpopping ab myth topic!

Tendons are what seperates the abdominal all and gives the appearance of individual muscles. Some people with a bad lay of tendons on the abdominal wall don’t even have a 4 pack despite being killer lean. Your ability to get a 4, 6 or 8 pack is determined by this and your ability to get lean, so then for many people its not possible.

If you look closely, most guys with an 8-pack have a normal 6-pack with an extra division in the uppermost ab muscle that makes it look like 8. It’s pure genetics, you’re born with either 4, 6, or 8.