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4-5 Split to Get Big?

does someone have the time to help me?

i have been working hard this summer for the first time (have workout before but not as hard) even though im 16, i am very pleased with the way i look but i wanna bulk up (BIG).It’s something I been wanting for a while, but not to sure the best way to achieve that goal (what can I say I’m 16). I workout (and i actually am a employee to) at my local gym but there or no really hardcore lifters, few good bodybuilders and I been going that style also but I wanna get big. I have the devotion and will of a f***** animal! I train hard when i hit the weights no doubt!

can someone be kind enough to take the time and give me a pretty deatiled program (write it out or a link to one) that i can do?? Thanks

  • i wanna have like a 4-5 day split i love being at the gym but i dont wanna overtrain and im in highschool. I would like to incorperate some core/explosive movements in the program, cause i do play baseball with a college future but i have a unbelieveable passion for working out and everything about it!!

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Maybe check these out first?

[quote]gymrat1225 wrote:
cause i do play baseball with a college future [/quote]

I have no doubt you’ll be heading there on an academic scholarship

Read the sticky. Its there for a reason

[quote]SquatDeep385 wrote:
Read the sticky. Its there for a reason[/quote]


[quote]pja wrote:
gymrat1225 wrote:
cause i do play baseball with a college future

I have no doubt you’ll be heading there on an academic scholarship

Very helpful.

Hey Im 16 just like you and im close to benching 300 so im doing good. (im not tryin to be cocky just giving you an idea where im at) Anyway im trying to lose fat now, but my routine will still probly be useful to you.

Sat chest: flat bench, Incline bench, dbell flys

Sun Legs: box squats, Leg press, light deadlifts, calve machines

Mon Back & Shoulders + abs: shoulder presses, bent over rows, shrugs, and lots of machine work + chrunches

Tues Biceps & Triceps: weighted dips, close grip bench, skull chrushers, various types of curls

Weds I just bench for 5 sets

For each exercise I do 3 -4 sets (exept weds)

I play football so i get cardio 5 days a week
hope this helped

[quote]thekast wrote:
Maybe check these out first?

http://tnation.tmuscle.com/free_online_forum/sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding/the_big_program_compilation?id=1943700&pageNo=1 [/quote]

I would def have a read of those progs and see which ones fit best with your schedual. At 16 as long as you WORK HARD on the basics (Squat, DL, Bench, Row etc) and EAT ENOUGH you will grow. Your body is starting to produce more testosterone now and for the next 5 yrs or so, you have a golden opportunity to take advantage of that and really develop.

Pick one of the progs written by one of the authors on here and make sure you are eating plenty (proteins, carbs, healthy fats, veggies) and then come back if you have any specific problems.

Read as much as you can but don’t get so bogged down in the details that you forget the basics.

Lift, Eat, Sleep, Repeat…

If you’re not sure about what to eat or how much, then have a look at some of the nutrition articles in the ‘Are you a beginner’ Thread: