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4-5 Day Workout


So basically i am tired and bored with my normal routined, i have tried to swtich up the excersizes and target certain muscle groups and it has gotten me only so far. I am wanting to know if there is an accepted workout format for 4-5 days that allows for definition while not losing strength.

Anyone have ideas that worked for them? Scheduals....complete workout summaries?

I can't fine somthing that will improve my definition without losing much strength, i want to be cut and still remain strong.

So if anyone has any ideas, can you hit up this post? Thanks a lot


train for strength and eat to lose fat

I have tried lifting routines specificly designed to shed body fat and they left me much weaker in a short period of time.


have u tryed going back to the basics,sometimes all u need is a tweek here and there,chest and tris,back and bis,shoulders,legs.try doing an on off cycle pyramid (10,8,6,6)one week sets of 10 the next week back and forth and see what happens.


Do you do any cardio? 3 days of whole body workouts and 2 days of HIIT sprints should do the job nicely - if your nutrition is on track.

Have you read thru the articles? People have had great success with the programs by Waterbury and Thibadeau and the nutrition info from Berardi. Good luck!