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4.26.06 Powerful Image


Does anyone find this chick sexy?

Just curious to what extent people here take the "muscular yet feminine" physique....


I would bag her like the pimple faced teen at the checkout line bags my groceries.



I dig it, and I'd hit it.


What chick? And why is that dude wearing a bikini?


Whatever dude, she's hot as could be.


"It" does seem like an apt description!


I think that's Christine...I forget her surname; a bodybuilder, in any case.

She has a beautiful smile, not really visible in this photo.


She probably looks amazing when she isn't pumped up as in the photo.


I find her face to be very attractive, her abs to be pretty sexy and her arms and delts make me jealous. I'd hit it.



Absolutely true. Monica Brandt and Timea Majorova look pretty thick and beefy in photos and competitions but I've seen them both in person and they're tiny. 95% of competition and posing photos are exaggerated.

I'd hit that faster than Mexican's can cross our border.


That's canadian bb Christine Roth.

And yes, I'd hit it....


Too lean. Women should be soft, right? Put a reasonable amount of fat atop that muscle, and then we're in business.


I was going to write a long post about how a couple of years ago I would have said she was disgusting but now.... blah blah blah.

The fact is I would definately hit it.


Another Canadian B E A U T Y

First thing when T-Nation loaded up, I saw her and thought "wow." I'd be pleased to put my scent all over her.


To be frank, I think her arms are horrifying.

I don't see anything feminime about it. Her face is nice though.

But all that said and done, I'd hit it, because until I'm 50, I will hit anything that walks.


No doubt she would look much nicer a little smoother.

While I respect the hard work she put into her physique she is too mannish for me in this condition.


OK guys. here is another view. Mellisa Detwiler is the SKINNY one. Never thought I'd say that...


I would definitely smack that ass.


Holy shit, that's the same girl?!


Her delts intimidate me.