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4.25 x Bodyweight Deadlift

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Bumper plate on each side SMH… The things people try to pass of as a legit lift these days. JK is pretty damn impressive.

Bumpers, figure 8 straps, suit, deadlift bar, hitching… At least she didn’t pull sumo.


I actually do think one bumper on each side makes a difference. Close to a PL meet, I only pull with calibrated plates.

I guess all of the things she did are generally okay in strongman / woman.

Yes, it’s only wrong in a moral sense

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correct. she is a world class strongman competitor with world championships under her belt. Pound for pound one of the best competitors in strongman, period.


I admit I am a bad person when pulling sumo. It is important to be aware of these decisions. I also use a Texas DL bar.

Straps and a suit. Can’t stoop that low.

I am not being serious at all. I have watched some of her stuff on youtube, and she is quite impressive.

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I ain’t no purist. It was on the ground and when she was done it was up in the air.

She lifted it!


You should avoid powerlifting. If you do decide to try it I recommend the SPF and the UPA (not as actually good feds, just that they don’t really judge the lifts). They go by about the standards you set forth.

I actually hate the UPA. Those cheap bastards didn’t count a meet I did because the meet was on the expiration date of my membership. Everyone knows the last day you can use a membership is the expiration date. They really tried to squeeze me for the $75 dollars, and I was like F u guys I know what I lifted, I don’t need it to be official. I told them if they want to have a strange interpretation of expiration dates they need to put it in their rule book.

I wonder if she still does her horseback riding stuff

I don’t think it is mentioned in the video but this lift took both the lightweight and middleweight world records.

I like the act of powerlifting but not the sport.

It turns out my thumbs are too short. Not for a good hook grip, but because I can’t get it far enough up my ass.

Being a former tree cutter, concrete buster, and welder/fitter I’m a strongman at heart.


Anyone know if this is the biggest xBW deadlift ever? Male/female, powerlifting/strongman, suit/raw whatever:


IPF pffft gimme drugs and deadlift bars.

I guess it depends on the plate. My gym has VTX (Troy brand) bumpers and they’re just a hair smaller than the Rogue comp plates. I don’t know why my YMCA bought 40 comp plates that weigh 55 lbs, but that’s the closest I’ve been to a power lifting meet or its equipment.

These were all fine to me… what wasnt was the soft knees and hips

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Can’t agree more. If you’re given a lift by the judges on the day- its yours.

Idk about powerlifting rules but she lifts a fuck ton more than me :rofl::rofl: