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3x3 Cube Hybrid

Hey guys,
I’m wondering if anyone has ever used a full body program using squat bench deadliest only and using almost like a cube method set up with it for the week. So Monday may look like Heavy squat, Rep Bench, and explosive deads. I like high frequency and want to try it. Also have any RAW lifters used Korte’s 3x3 program with success?


I have had the same thought about the Cube method. But the total volume/tonage would be to low for me now, compared to what i have ran up to now.
So i decided to use Korte’s 3x3 with an extra accessory day on day 4.
But you have to have in mind, that 3x3 is made for single ply lifters. so the first 4 weeks are 58-64% of there geared max, and the last 4 weeks are 60% of their geared max. the high intensity lifts of 80-95% they are using gear.

So if you are a raw lifter, the % is to low. so the % have to be adjusted
I have also made some tweaks to the program, so i dont just squat/bench/deadlift every day in the first 4 weeks, but use very close variations + 1 accssory movement.
i hope my english is understandable :slight_smile:

Hybrids are typically a bad idea, but if you wanted to do some sort of conjugate fullbody method, you could. It’s just not the Cube Method or Korte. However, there’s nothing written in stone that says the Cube Method can’t be used fullbody using the main lift per day and doing assistance work with whatever else.

Checkout Alpha’s log -is using a cube method hybrid (strength Section of his workouts) adapted to his own crazy full body training

Hey I have been reading alot of CS Sloans blog and he has alot of routines that mirror the Cube. As in they are mostly old school heavy, light, and medium full body routines. So they will at least give you an idea of how you can set it up and possible accesory work and different set rep schemes.