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3x1hr Gym Visits Per Week?

my wife is going regularly to the gym 3 times a week for 1hr. she can fit 2 other days at times in also, but mainly 3 times. she had a trainer that had her only doing one body part a week and no legs or cardio so she believes this is the way to train.

i wanted her to do a cardio warm up then circuit training on the 3 days with squats added in one day. on the days she could fit it in i think 1 hr cardio would be good.

her goal is to burn fat and tone up

would this be a good idea?

are there any websites that i could show her this is a good idea?



Go to www.figureathlete.com and search for articles.

There are lots of programs designed for training women. I personally agree with some type of circuit training for women unless they are very very advanced in their training. I used to do body part splits but have had much better results with some type of circuit training. I basically do full body workouts 3 days a week, but each day is somewhat different.

Day 1 starts with deadlifts followed by pullups, then supersetting of other body part exercises.

Day 2 is a straight full body circuit.

Day 3 is focused on front squats, then supersetting other body part exercises.

I do 12 mins. of intervals after each workout, then 1 hr. of cardio on my off days.

Circuit training is an excellent way to train. It complements training 3 times per week very well. If the goal is to gain muscle, then this training is just the medicine. Just remember to keep the sets low since each body part will be trained 3 times in a week.