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3x Muscle in Week While on Test

Long story short, Currently doing 3x full body/week while have been 6 weeks on test C 500mg/week. I am a bit confused, some say this is not enough… eh… of course every one is different, but while i am training like this - > 1 train day, 2 off. The reason i keep 2 off days is because i smash the muscles and have serious domms at next day and mild at second day. I cant see no point of training them more frequent, since they are in recover period. I coud train them more, but if i would smash muscle 4x week with 1 rest day between them, i would eventually “burn out”.

With this style of training, my weights Or reps have gone up in every time at the each exercise in week. While i say i smash them, i give an example about bicep. I do 9-12 sets, reps 8-12. I start feeling “pain” at the reps like 6-7, i get out of my comfort zone, and push 4-6 reps more and after this i literally end up yelling fuck fuck. So the volume is not a problem. I am focusing on getting mass of course.

You read people’s reports about their strength ‘going through the roof’, etc, on cycle but I’m 9 weeks in on my first one doing 600 mg/week test cyp along with Dbol at 50 mg/day for the first 8 weeks and I can’t say I’ve got any more strength gains than I normally would. I wonder if it depends on where you are strength-wise pre-cycle in relation to your potential or how close you were to plateauing. Or maybe it’s just an individual thing. I know my shit’s good because I had the dbol tested and I’ve had bloods, plus I’ve gained 16 lbs and some decent size, but even though my strength is slowly increasing I can’t say I’ve ever thought ‘damn, I’m killing these weights’.

Both. Someone who is well developed, isn’t going to get the same gains as they would if they are underdeveloped. It is kinda like you already have the gains from the cycles without doing them.

I know a few really strong dudes (deadlifting 800 @ 210 body weight for example) that have said test allows recovery, but they didn’t just blow up on 500 test. At that strength level, anadrol is what was said makes the strength really take off.