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3x BW Squat and Deadlift Race


I saw the 365 Bench Press Race and saw 495 Deadlift Race. But, haven't seen one for squat period or deadlift relative to bw. Even though I'm not light weight competitor ( less than 198 ) I still find that BW to Weight Lifted to be the most impressive way to compare lifters. With that I'm currently a 220 competitor and am closing in on a 660 squat in wraps and have pulled 600. After I hit that I'd like to focus on doing unwrapped.

So let the race begin.


Man, I'm nowhere close on the squat, but deadlift could go down in the next couple months.

Current morning bodyweight is around 190.

Squat 435
Deadlift 545

So 25 lbs off on the deadlift (if my bodyweight doesn't go up), 135 away from the squat.


Well this thread turned out great. A 2 man race!


I will join in

Currently similar stats to you flipcollar

BW: 190
Deadlift 545 (560 Estimated)
Squat 465 (485 Estimated)

Doing my first powerlifting meet in January. Hoping to hit over a 3x BW Deadlift by then. The 3x BW squat will obviously take a bit longer.


ill join too, everyone needs an under dog
wt 188-190
best squat and dead as of this morning, sq 355x6 dl 440x5 all beltless
first meet dec 13 obviously wont have it by then ha


Ha, I guess I'll join. I still have a ways to go for squat but might as well. I like having the advantage of being the lightest but it takes so much work for my squat to improve lol.

Morning weight: 164-165
Squat: 385 (6/14)
Deadlift: 501 (12/13)

I have a meet on Dec. 6. Shooting for at least 407 on squat and 540 on deadlift.


I'm inches away from 3x DL (missed 570 twice at lockout), but a 3x BW squat will never happen unless I gear. Too tall and lanky to put up huge squat numbers relative to weight.


Yep, I'm in. I weigh 230, soooo looks like 690 is my number. I think I should be able to get there within the year


Reed....I'm in....I'm going for 2.75x though :slight_smile:

Long way to go squat, but maybe by this time next year I can get the pull :slight_smile:
Shooting for 495 pull and 402 squat at my next meet in March!!

BW 182-184
Squat 385 (10/26/14)
Dead 451 (10/26/14)


Awesome this should have a pretty cool turn alot of awesome lifters signed up.


To make it fair it could be a race to Int'l Elite for one or both lifts using the USPA Classification Standards (5/9/2013). That removes body weight to even the playing field. That's 671 for both squat and deadlift at 220 which is pretty much what Reed is going for. Although Reed is closest, everyone currently has a score of 0. Getting one is impressive but you have to get both to win.

WT..............114 123 132 148 165 181 198 220 242 275 308 SHW
Int'l Elite.....365 403 440 499 554 596 637 671 705 735 778 801
Elite...........335 370 404 458 508 547 584 616 646 674 714 735

WT..............114 123 132 148 165 181 198 220 242 275 308 SHW
Int'l Elite.....418 448 477 527 569 612 637 671 686 697 718 740
Elite...........383 411 437 483 522 562 584 616 629 639 659 679


I'm ok with that pretty much just as challenging all around. Really pisses me off I have a elite squat and Deadlift for 220 but can't bench my way of a wet paper bag so I'm still damn near 70 pounds away at best.


Once somebody wins this race we can also have one for Int'l Elite in all three lifts. HeavyTriple is already ahead in that race; he has the bench and is probably 30 lbs off for deadlift. For this one I'm shooting for a 4 year time frame and will likely end up weighing 181. Regardless of who wins I definitely plan to finish.


Hit the 3x BW Deadlift today.

14 more lbs till Elite


I'm in for the deadlift, weigh just under 220 and aiming for 572lbs in my meet in a couple of weeks so still a way off, but I'm only 22 and it's still flying up so hopefully will get there within the next year or so (and yes I'm an optimistic kinda guy). Can only squat about 440lbs so that's gonna be more interesting...


3x BW deadlift is a long term goal, currently at 222.5kg/490lbs at 104kg/228lbs BW
Squat is 210kg/462lbs


I'm in, already have the bench number easily and am not far from the SQ & DL now. Especially if I drop to the 220 class


Im in too. Just pulled 260kg, weight maybe 94,5 (?), Going for -90kg and 270kg.
Squat hold back,making some changes.


Everyone is ok with that squat depth in the first post? Shit, I may as well total 1800 in my next meet with bullshit lifts like that. I'll just judge my own lifts and tell the judges which ones passed.


Nice to see another junior lifter! I'm 108 kg and @ 180kg/140kg/260kg or 396/308/573 raw and I'm 18 years old. I'm aiming @ going up to 120 kg BW and so I would have to pull 360 kg/793 lbs and squat the same. I would try to go for that in single-ply gear.