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3x bw Deadlift for 26 Reps


Good God… That’s and amazing feat.

pfft sumo? that shit doesnt count

Kidding, kidding. Beastman.

Thats pretty badass.

one day I will


man I really need to learn how to sumo DL!!!


But can he dunk a basketball?

It gets a little repetitive after the first rep.

congratulations, now enjoy yourself a brotein shake.

[quote]Alffi wrote:
It gets a little repetitive after the first rep.[/quote]

HAHA good one! Cheers!

Wow! Awesome!
n Happy Birthday!!

Awesome effort!

Ya know, sometimes I have days where I’m feeling like I’m pretty strong.

Then, I see stuff like this.

Getting one rep with that weight at that weight is pretty good. 26 on the other hand is out of this world.

Man… Outstanding. Keep it up, and happy birthday.

Savage strength and a serious physique to match.

Awesome. Nobody can say shit about that set. Serious weight, great form.

why his legs are so far part? lrn2deadlift, noob.

Fucking shit man!