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3x Bodyweight Deadlift!


6'3-6'4 just over 205lbs in the morning.


good for you. 700 before you're 20.


thanks but I am hoping sooner than that hopefully before basketball season starts lol




With overhand grip even! You da man!


Awesome lift man. I did not expect a double overhand.




I think its a smarter grip to use, or straps.


sorry but this clearly isnt real haha, i wonder what kinda big guys are lifting from each side of the barbell


Bar wouldn't bow in the middle if there was support from the side.

Nice lift.


saw ur other lifts, i take that back, excellent lift


lol its ok but next week or so I'll be sure to pull 650+ as long as I dont feel any hamstring/glute pain comming on.

edit: maybe I should do speed or something next week, idk yet it might be two weeks, lol.


what the fuck man?no switch you are a fuckin beast whats your training?and how long you been training for? Ive done a 3xs (210kg @ 70kgbw)and it was a year ago cant do 3xs now ive got heavier,and it was a fucking struggle;you just ripped and plopped it!Man hats off give us an idea of your dl training,ow and whats your squat and bench?post the vids if you got em!


squats is 340x5 and bench is 300x1 but I am good for more on bench pretty sure, thanks for the comment breh


Awsome lift! You must have some tough thumbs.


Great fuckin lift. I even bothered to log in just to give you props.


thanks and everyone else.


Crazy strong!

How do you train?


look at my log, and I follow no routine or program, I am just too busy with baseball and basketball.


absolutely speechless