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3x Bodyweight Deadlift and 500 lb. Club


I set a goal a year back to hit a 500 pound deadlift before my birthday (today). Yesterday was the day I tried it, and I was very happy to pull it off. Another goal I had was to hit 3x bodyweight, so after hitting 500 I tried 515 and was extremely happy to get that one. The deadlift is definitely my favorite lift. I hit 405x10 the week before so according to rep calulators I should have hit these numbers easy, but I am much better pulling for reps so I was a little skeptical. I got motivated when Thor put up his 3x bodyweight pull so I thought I would post mine up as well.

Here is the video of 515. It is 5 plates, but 2 of the bumper plates are 25 kg (55 pounds).

After that I hit a pr on RDL's of 425x6. I did 405 the time before, but after pulling 515 this felt light as shit in my hands. It's funny how that works, because I thought I would be spent.

I know most people aren't as interested in watching reps, but here is the 405x10 from last week. I will have to come up with some new goals for this year.


Links are bad.


Only the 3rd link works, well done on the lifts. You're intensity is spot on, however you pull from quite a high hip position and may want to try starting with your butt a bit lower. I don't see significant rounding so it's not like your current form is horrible (it's a lot better than most you see), but you may find your lower back likes a slightly lower start better though. You seem to have a bit of trouble at lockout with a lot of your reps but that may be down to you stiff legging the reps a bit and relying to much on the lower back.

A working link to your 515 video


Sorry about that guys here are the good links. Don't know why they didn't work.

515 deadlift

RDL 425x6

Deadlifts 405x10


Congrats on the pull.

Out of curiosity, how much were you pulling a year ago when you set this goal?


My max on my last birthday last year (August 29) was 405x2 and I pulled 405x10 and 515x1 in the past week, so I am quite happy with my progress this year. The deadlift is my favorite lift.


Holy shit, is that Vision fitness in portsmouth nh?


Awesome milestone.



Great Job Bruno, what else is there to say? Onward and upward I guess.


Thanks guys.

Lonnie- I like that, onward and upward


Great lift!
Congratulations on reaching your goals.


Thanks Csar!


Very nice!