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3rd Wk of Bulking. Am I Doing it Right?


I weigh around 145-146 in the morning, but it can go up to 153 near the end of the day or early morning if I ate right before bed or I drink a ton of water in particular that day. I was 140 when I stopped cutting 2 weeks ago. I also started taking creatine last monday. All my lifts have already gone up from what they were during my last day of cutting, but my abs are starting to go, although I can still see 4 of them but not as clearly as before. Does it sound like I am eating the right amount or too much? I am doing a clean bulk btw.

What is odd is I am only eating around 2200 calories per day. 3 large meals and then various snacks throguhout the day to get more carbs/fats/protein. I usually eat a few slices of wheat bread and pretzels, or mixed nuts or protein shakes in between meals. I wasn't sure if I was eating enough to even gain weight, so obviously I am very confused how I am putting on so much weight through a clean bulk where I am not eating all that much at all.

BTW if anyone just skimmed this or didn't read carefully I started taking creatine monoydrate last monday and take 5g a day.


If your lifts go up, that's positive.

Eating too much? Well, 2200 cals aint that much. More intensity in the gym maybe?

If you feel your ego is too fragile to handle to loss of abs, you can ultimately start cutting again... But this way, you'll never get big.


no no, I DO NOT want to start cutting until my physique is completely changed and I won't have to worry about looking skinny after a cut anymore, which constantly plagues me now. If I really can't handle the fat gain at some point, I will just add in some cardio or even do a mini cut to get back to a reasonable level, then continue cutting if it gets that out of hand.

I refuse to be one of the people who wastes time gaining and losing the same muscle and fat, and that is why there is no chance in hell that I will do another "hardcore cut" until I put on a serious amount of weight, probably in a few years at least.


Hah, that's great bro. However, the problem is you already start to hesitate... After 20 days? Get real, man. 'I can see 4 of my abs...' And now what? More cardio? Cut down on what is already very little 2200?

Give yourself 6 months at least. Id say as long as your chest is 'bigger' and 'stick out' more than your gut, youre aesthetically fine for a bulker :slight_smile:


Only reason I made this post was I was confused why I saw so much change so fast as far as abs vanishing, I thought it would take a month or two, not 2 weeks. I was just making sure that this was normal and not a sign of overeating.


Best thing - give us a photo. Then you'll easily know if you go to far.... But again, youre 150, should be lean as hell... Dude, give yourself a chance to grow and eat like there's no tomorrow.


Heh, I can
see only
1 abs on ME...
It's really big...
and full of pure fat...
so stop even thinking about
cutting. Eat everything at least
few months and stop worry about abs.
That's my opinion and Good luck!



Your abs will come back after you finish your bulk and start eating clean again. Forget the dirty clean thing right now and just get enough protien and calories every day. You probably need more than 2200 calories per day. I sometimes get that many calories before lunch. I started out at 5'7" 120 lbs I'm up to 168 now and I'm still trying to bulk up. It has taken me 2 years to get to where I am now. In other words it doesn't happen over night. Just keep at it and you will gain muscle.

Worrying about my abs is what kept me from gaining weight throughout most of my life. Almost every guy i've met that has gained a considerable amount of muscle has gained some fat along with it. Don't worry chicks don't realy care if you have a six pack or not.


That sounds mysteriously, man :slight_smile:


OP, print this out, stick over your bed, read every morning.


I talked about this thorax :slight_smile:

Shoobey, this men on photo goes to far;), U should simple eat a lot of good food without even thinking about abs. After year or even more of bulkin you can start worry about your abs and few months of new diet and all 6 pack should back to you. stop fucking with this abs, listen to thorax & Brett295


I'm 153 too and I'm currently bulking. 2200 calories is way too low for "bulking."


Depends. 2200 calories of clean foods can be optimal. Or you can overshoot and eat like a freakin pig and go over 3000+ calories.


2,200 may be optimal for a 120lbs woman, but not for the OP.

LOL @ 3000+ = eating like a pig. Enjoy being small forever.

OP stop fucking stressing this shit. Stress only make your abs go away faster.

Eat more FOOD!
Then relax and enjoy this shit. Being full is awesome


I feel your pain mate, the first few weeks of your first bulk are nerve-wracking if you started life as a skinny bastard like me. I don't know if 2200 cals is right for you. It sounds low to me, but stick your stats into Berardi's Massive Eating Calculator and see what it spits out http://www.johnberardi.com/updates/july262002/na_masscalculator.htm

Then if you haven't already read the Massive Eating articles then get them read and get eating.

I do know what its like to start wobbling in the early days of a bulk, I do the same thing on my bad days- am I doing it right/am I just going from skinny to skinny fat/is there any point trying to bulk with my genes etc etc etc, I go through them all, but at the end of the day consistency in diet and training is probably the most important thing, so don't let the worries take you off course.


I am in a different position then most people starting out a bulk at low bodyweight. I am a mesomorph, not an ecto. Before this, I fell off lifting for a while and put on a lot of fat, and I was cutting for a long time in order to get all the fat off. I got my bodyfat down to around sub 10%, but this is not natural at all for me, it only got that low from doing HIIT about 4x a week combined with a strict cutting diet.

I am not a hardgainer which makes it tricky for me. I obviously need to put on a lot of weight because apparantly I only weigh 140 lbs or below when I am cut down, and this is unnaceptable to me. But not being an ectomorph I also realize I don't need to eat 5,000 calories a day or just stuff everythign in my mouth, because my own bodyweight was my own doing, not because I am naturally a skinny guy. I'm actually naturally a fat guy, if I stop lifting I revert back to being fat.


Has this species fallen so far down the shitter that we now have people who are "naturally fat"? LOL

In my opinion, there is no such thing as a "naturally fat" human being. Somatype categories as they are used today are complete and utter bullshit. Please do yourself a favor and forget about them.

Work your ass off and sweat under the iron a minimum of 4 days a week, add 50-100lbs to your bigger lifts over the next 6 months, and gain 20lbs of bodyweight or more, and you will see serious changes in your body. It's as simple as that.


seriously dude, you're worried about abs? just stop thinking and eat everything in sight( as long as you get enough protein in). you stated yourself that you have gotten to 10% bf before so what will change after your bulk? why can't you do it again? what's the obsession with abs anyway? after you put a t-shirt on they're gone. big ass arms, huge pecs and a wide ass back on the other hand... you get the idea.


i meant if I don't lift or diet or do cardio and just live an average lifestyle, I get fat. Trying to differentiate myself from the people who dont lift, dont do cardio and dont diet, but are just sticks, who would obviously be bulking differently than I am.


problem is I know I will have to be bulking for a few years to put on the size I want. I don't want to have to be soft looking for a few years is all, which is a big deal unless you are just living in a cave for the entire time you are bulking. My concern isn't that I wont' ever be able to get abs again, I know it's easy for me to cut. Concern is this is goign to be a 2 year + bulk and I want to keep track of the fat I am putting on so I am not chunky for the next 2 years or even more.