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3rd Week In

I just started a cycle of Testosterone Enanthate 250 using 5/8" insulin needles. Last Saturday was week three and I injected 1cc in glute… I was worried because I knew that they were short but, the insulin ones were all that was available. By the second day there was a lot of soreness and there was a hard lump, now its 5 days later and the lump is still there and there’s still some pain but not as much. The first two weeks seemed to be successfull (No lumps no pain at injection site). I just recieved some 1 1/2" needles (The ones I should of waited for) so I am good for the rest of the cycle, but I have some questions?
Will this lump go away?
Will the pain go away?
Was that third shot a waste?
Will this mess up my T levels?
And can I inject in this site again?

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damn dude, an insulin needle? How long did that one cc take to push in? An hour? LMAO

Dude, with a 5/8" pin, you probably didnt even get past the fatty tissue. you more than likely missed the muscle completely. There are very little nerves in your glutes. even with a 11/2" you shouldnt need to worry about hitting anything other than muscle. I have had some probs with the quads as far as hitting nerves as well as muscle twitch (probably from hitting the nerve). when that happens i pull out, wait a few minutes, then reinject but not in the same spot. you can tell if your too close to a nerve once you start injecting because it will be a slight painful burning sensation. good luck.

Saturday was week four and it went well with the new 1 1/2. Thanx for the feed back. I’m 27 and this is only my second cycle ever. The first one was when I was 19, so its been a while. (Oh and yes the insulin ones took a while to draw, but not an hour - 5 min maybe). Thanx again for the replies.