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3rd Times A Charm - Show On May 23rd

After Covid cancelled my first two attempts to compete this is 3rd times a charm.
I’m competing in the novice events. They are below.
My programme is being written by my coach. Its being sent to me tonight. My ideal finishes and where I think I can place are below as well:

Event one
Log press 85kg (187lb) for reps

  • I think I will struggle with this. I was getting to 7-8 reps with 75kg before christmas. There is much to do here.

Event two
Farmers 100kg 40m drop and turn

  • No worries here. But 40m return is a LONG way

Event three
Deadlift 200kg for reps

  • I’m thinking 7 reps now. And I’ll get to 10 for the day.

Event four
260kg yoke 40m drop and turn
-This will be hard. I move fairly well under 250kg. Its just the length again.

Event five
100kg duck walk 40m drop and turn

  • No idea. But I like moving events. So I dare say I’ll be okay.

So as long as not one minds I’ll up date weekly, drop some videos and on the evening of May the 23rd I’ll up load the results.


Good luck. Do you have access to a yoke? If you can get under a yoke most weeks between now and your comp, 260kg for 40m shouldn’t be too big a stretch.

Yeah I have a yoke. Its in my garden right now. I’m doing some light weight speed runs / cardio work out.
The 260kg over 40 is not to much of a worry. I’d say the biggy is the log. The The Best I can hope for here is 5-6 reps I think.

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You going to pull the trigger on the log for the home gym?

I’m sure you’ll smash this all, excited to see the journey and the results, one thing I know is whatever happens you’ll put in the hard work!

Really would like to - but we (in truth I pushed it) just paid for a holiday in 2022. So whilst we have the money. It would just seem a bit excessive. I’m also only 6 weeks away from going back to the gym. Where I will have 5 weeks to tweak my technique.

Just seen my next 6 weeks of training. Every leg work out starts with a tire fip and light weight yoke “cardio” session. 20m yoke (180kg) 6 tire flips. 4 times. With 2 events that are reps for time my coach does not want me failing to lift due to CV. I can also train harder with better conditioning.

Looks like I will be training outside from now on. Which is okay. The Weather is improving.


Weather is beautiful round here mate.

Looking forward to seeing how you go.

Same here. The UK is pretty good right now. And improving. Long may it continue.


Wow, that’s definitely an endurance show… 40m is a long ass way to go with any of those weights lol. If I remember correctly you are going to compete U105? That duck walk will murder too. All of those distance ones will hurt. But you’re gonna have a blast either way

Looking at some more events the same guy promotes - he often writes 40m drop return - but means 40ms. With a drop and return. So 20m each way. Which is good. Either way I’m still confident. We will all be competing at the same events. If its harder for me its harder for them also.

I do want to to do under 105kg. But this show is under 105kg qualifier for the south of England. So the weight are 2-3 years out of reach. The yoke is 320kg / 700lb.

Yeah - best bit is my kids can come and watch. My kids are strength mad and having them watch me will be great. Even if I bomb - I was there. We’ll make a day of it, get my 1st show done and hopefully get on the road to a reasonable strong man career (by career I mean 5-10 years of doing shows. Not getting paid)

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Most that do these things do them for the love of lifting heavy things.

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Yea I figured no one was going a full 80 meters lol. But 40m is still a looooong way of the weight is heavy enough.

Also, your kids will love it and whether you take first or last, you’ll be the strongest man in the world to them. I think it’s a good lesson you’re teaching them by working hard and putting it all out there.

No - that’s Tom Stoltman and Eddie Hall. They boys love those two.

I will be the strongest dad on the play ground. Thats good enough!

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An underrated title.

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So update 1 - 10 weeks to go.

This week was really about finding my feet. I’ve had a long time off heavy weights after an injury just before Christmas. My 190x3 squat gave me some real glute pain.

At the start of the week I was really ill. Which was the BEST way to start prep. And by best I mean worst. work outs are separated into ME and DE upper and lower. I’ll take about the ME stuff as DE sometimes I go lighter just to go quicker. So its hard to gauge actual progress.

Paused dead lifts - 1 x 3 at 190 kg. This is 10 kg less than the working weight of the comp. But the pauses are just before the floor and 3/4 of the way up. So this was taxing for lots of reasons. I feel like I had another 10kg if needed and I was quick ill. So all in all I feel like after 2 1/2 months off I could have gone for 5 reps at 200kg in 60 seconds. Which can be improved upon no end.

Press - I managed 1 x 3 at 85kg. Well kind of. I push press rep 1 and then do 3 more reps to get the work in. This again was after a long lay off from pressing heavy and I was WAY off with my form. I could have easily tightened up more. I feel a good press coming on soon. Load of triceps work will pay off no doubt.

No events - I was too ill AND only have a yoke to train with.


Well that sucks, but hopefully that just means it’s all uphill from here.

It sounds to me like you’re working towards getting as many reps as possible, which is a good place to be, instead of just trying to get strong enough to make sure you don’t zero an event. I think you’ll do well. I obviously don’t know your competition, but I think I have seen enough strongman events to confidently say that you’re going to be fine.

Obviously I wish the update was better from a health perspective but you got this shit. Keep the updates coming super stoked to see how your first contest goes.

yeah 100% - I’m working on going for double figures. I might not get there. But I’m going to head or it. I have my goals for the comp. There are events I’m not great at. But I’mm complete everything.

This week was a better week. I got my cardio stuff in.
Front carries and axle clean/press one day
yoke and tire flip the other

ME dead lift day
Dead lift into chains start at 190kg , chains add 10kg at the top. Hit an easy 3 reps. Had a few more. RPE 8/9. But all done in 6 seconds. I’m not bracing very well. I saw a video of myself and I was really upset with how rounded my back was. I’m going to work on that. It’s not “cat like” but its still not great.
Front squat is also coming along nicely. Given that I’m going at it after deadlifts I can still reach 6 reps with 110kg for a few sets. If I were going at this first I think I’d manage 5x5 at 140kg easy enough.

ME press day
87.5kg x 2. I hit 80x3 as a warm up.
This is super strict. So I’m fairly happy with it. With a little leg drive I could get 5 / 6 reps at 87.5kg. Lots of triceps work. My back stuff is not suffering - but its really not in focus. I get that. My coach is a power lifter by expertise. And this comp really does not need me to be pulling arm over arm ECT. So lets focus on the stuff we know we need. Still - I’m managing T bar row with 100kg. And the land mine rows with 55kg for 3 sets of 12.

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So another week of very little to report.
ME dead lift day - managed to pull 2 reps with 200kg at a 1 inch deficit. Not stellar and this was pretty much everything in the tank. BUT this is still only week 3 of pulling heavy again along with axle and deficit . So normal bar from flat - I’m still saying 4-5 reps in 60 second.
ME press day 87.5 x 3. Solid. Lots of good pressing work. But I feel link I’m not bracing right. I feel like I’ve got much more in there to give but I’m leaking strength.

Event wise - only using the yoke to do Cardio right now. 190kg. This is going well. My 2 cardio sessions.
Session 1 - 85kg front loaded carry 10m return and then 10 50kg clean and jerks every 3 mins
Session 2 - 190kg yoke 20m return and then 5 tire flips every 3 mins.

Really itching to get back int they gym. Want to get my hand on the equipment. The log most of all. Lots of work to do on my clean.


Wait… did you pull 200 kg from a deficit on an axle? That’s pretty friggin strong my man.

With a good deload, a power bar and no deficit, I would imagine more like 6-7 reps in 60s. I’m actually thinking more reps than that, but I don’t want to be too optimistic or overexaggerate.

A one inch deficit is equal to +10kg of bar weight. You’re doing Fine.