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3rd Time Hamstring Pull (FML)

3rd time hastring pull FML

Ok so this is getting really annoying, today was the third time i pulled my left hamstring doing RDL'S, i know from previous times that i didnt warm up porperly but this time i did warm up alot.

like i started with the bar doing like 30 reps then increasing with 5kg untill i reachd 70kg then i accidently put on 100kg instead of 90, since i was rly tierd from my shoudler workout, and next thing u know i hear my ham snap and at that point i kept going cus i was so pissed and after i let the bar down, i start feeling the pain. Tho now i barley feel it as im wirting this only if i try to strech it

Anyone know what i shud do now, like i dont wanna rest another 2 weeks for it to get better, its not a HUGE pull, a small one rather. it took over 2 weeks of recovery from my last 2 times i pulled it.

If anyone knows how i can heal it within a week that would be awesome 

So i think the bar is like 20kg or something like that right? And you did “like 30 reps” with the bar, then added 5kg, another 5, another 5. So you did what, 10 sets warm up? and were all of them “like 30 reps”? Cause if so, it might not be lack of warmup. It might be the fact that you did 300 reps before you tried to use a max weight. Even if you only did 10 reps on the other sets your still doing a ton for a warmup.

Also did you ever think maybe its not pulled, but really sore from being worked? I say that because if you legitimately pulled it, I feel like it would hurt more then “only if I try to stretch it” less then 12 hours after it happened. When I do RDL’s, my hamstrings are extremely sore for a few days, to the point where when I walk to feel like they’re being pulled apart. If I didn’t know better I would think I pulled them.

As for how to make it heal faster, I don’t really know. I usually ice it when the injuries fairly new then after a few days start moving it through as much motion as I can without much pain. Gradually increase the range of motion.