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3rd Shot Hurt. Did I Hit Something?

So first shot with 22g 1.5" and second shot with 30g .5" went smooth as butter no issues in my right thigh uptop. Third shot I switched to my left thigh but was kinda more towards the outside. Again 30g .5" went in nice but i was in a dark room trying not to wake my kids up so I couldnt see that it was 100% in so i pushed down a little more and felt like I hit something. Not saying I hit something solid that stoped the needle just got an instant pain like I poked a nerve or was I maybe on the outside of the muscle just poking at the outer layer? No other issues with the shot so far. My first one on my right side I think did something to my knee for a few days. I woke up the following morning with like a tight pulled muscle feeling in my knee under the injection that i sunk in 1.25" with the 22g.

Maybe shift to the hip? Possible?

I will try that. It was just weird the right leg didnt give me any trouble

to be honest some shots just hurt more than others in my experience. About 70% of mine are completely painless, then i get a few that hurt a lot and very occasionally i hit a vein or something and have to start again. The ones that hurt usually create what feels like a knot in the injection site area, but Ive never had anything bad happen because of it, so I wouldnt worry about it too much.

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Since switching to IM, almost all of the shots I have done in my quads have caused some kid of after pain. Not enough to be a problem, but I definitely feel it. Ive shot the teardrop, higher up, middle, side. Shoulder shots seem the most painless.

I use a 27 gauge half inch.

I got the 30 cause I wanted to minimize waste as much as possible. It was crazy what was left over and contaminated in the 22g luer lock. I Also had an issue with leakage while drawing into the 30 but i think I pushed too much air first cause this time I didnt leave so much as a smear of oil on the outside of the needle or vial